Japan Society North West

Japan Day

Saturday 20 August 2016

10:30 am to 5:30 pm

Venue: Liverpool Guild of Students, 160 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5TR

Japan Day

Japan Day is Japan Society North West's FREE all-day festival celebrating Japanese Culture, both traditional and modern. It is held once every two years, and alternates between Manchester and Liverpool.

The Venue

This year's Japan Day is being held in the Liverpool Guild of Students building.  We'll be using the Mountford Hall and the Courtyard, giving us lots of space.


At 4:00 pm on the main stage Diane Kichijitsu will give a performance of "Rakugo" - the traditional Japanese art of comedy storytelling. Diane was born in LIverpool, but now lives in Japan.  Her deep knowledge of Japanese culture, extensive travel experiences as a globe-trotting backpacker, keen observations of cultural differences and humourous anecdotes of her surprising encounters in Japan form the basis of her hilarious Rakugo stories.


On the main stage in Mountford Hall at 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm we will have performances of Japanese folk songs from the SOAS Min'yo Group.

There will be performances of taiko drumming by Thunderdrummers Cumbria throughout the day.

Awa Siren will be performing the Awa Odori dance on the main stage at 10:55 am, 12:45 pm and 3:15 pm.

Sumie Kent will be playing the Koto, the national instrument of Japan, at 11:30 am and 3:00 pm on the Courtyard stage.


Martial Arts Demonstrations

There will be martial arts demonstrations by Manchester Kyudo Group, Liverpool Kendo Club, Lancashire Aikikai, Yanagi Ryu, and Kaze Arashi Ryu.

Traditional Japanese Culture

You can watch a demonstration of kimono dressing and try on a yukata yourself!  You'll be impressed by the display of bonsai trees from the Wirral Bonsai Society. And don't miss the display of Japanese swords and armour from the Northern To-Ken Society.

Manga and Anime

Artists present will include Kidura, Antique Teacup and Jellie Bee. For a great range of officially licensed anime merchandise visit AnimUK.

Cosplay Competition

We will be having a cosplay competition, starting at 1:00 pm.  If you want to take part please read our Cosplay Guidelines.