Japan Society North West

Japan Day

Sunday 3 June 2018

11:00 am to 5:30 pm

Venue: Sugden Sports Centre,  114 Grosvenor Street,  Manchester M1 7HL 

Japan Day

Japan Day is Japan Society North West's FREE all-day festival celebrating Japanese Culture, both traditional and modern. It is held once every two years, and alternates between Manchester and Liverpool.

This year's Japan Day is being held in at Manchester's Sugden Sports Centre. 

Tsugaru Shamisen

The highlight of the day will be a performance by tsugaru shamisen player Keisho Ohno.

Born in Niigata, Japan, Keisho started playing Tsugaru-shamisen at the age of eight. After endorsed as natori, an accredited master at only twelve years old, he was approved two years later by Takahashi Chikuzan the First and became “authorized successor of authentic Chikuzan-bushi” shamisen player.  Constantly inspired by various genres of art, Keisho has never given up his motto of “Keeping traditional music as well as destructing it.” Always a challenger in aspiring nouvelle performance and high musical technique, Keisho has currently gained a steady artistic foothold in Europe.

Taiko Drumming

There will be performances of taiko drumming by Kaminari UK throughout the day.


Sumie Kent will be playing the Koto, the national instrument of Japan.

Martial Arts

There will be martial arts demonstrations by  Lancashire Aikikai, Yanagi Ryu, Manchester Kyudo Group, Circle Martial Arts, and Manchester Kendo Dojo.